I’m Anne Clark, the founder of Collectively Aligned.

From my own desire of what I was seeking in a networking group, and the lack of availability to meet these needs I decided what better way to get what I need than to create it myself. 


Collectively Aligned is about real women in business coming together to encourage, educate, promote, inspire, and support each other in their business, no matter where they are located. Our ‘live’ events are online, so you can be working from a remote location and can still be part of the event. 


As a mum of little people myself, attending functions day or night isn’t always easy nor convenient. But this shouldn’t be a reason for why I can’t network and connect with like-minded business women. 


When I started my first business over 7 years ago, I often heard business women mention how isolated they felt and how difficult it was for them to attend real life events. I know I’ve personally missed events I’ve really wanted to go to  because it just wasn’t doable. I don’t think anyone should have to miss out. We live in a virtual world, with amazing technology around us. So I’m bringing these events to YOU, via your inbox and conference facilities. 


My desire and ambition for Collectively Aligned isn’t just about networking and meeting like-minded business women, it’s also to help them grow their business to show the world how talented they are. 


Hope this is you, as I’d love to see you join us. 


Anne x