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About Us

Hey! I’m Anne.


When I am not moonlighting here at Collectively Aligned, I can be found running my heart-led intuitive digital marketing business

In my downtime, I’m can be found caught up in the romance of a rom-com, baking new recipes in the kitchen, engrossed in a book or painting a new art piece with the kids along side me.

Being near nature is so important for me and being able to stay grounded. Especially as my life journey has brought me to learn more about my gift in being able to receive message from heavenly guides. 


And Hi from me!
I’m Dean. 

Just like Anne, when I’m not moonlight here at the Collectively Aligned Podcast. I can be found at my Design and Print Solutions business

I am a hands on person, so I thoroughly enjoy bring projects to life in the garage. I enjoy having our kids help me and learn how to use various tools, along with seeing their hard work come to life. 

I love hanging out with my family, play games, cooking, gardening and just being big hearted kid. Life is too short to be serious all the time.