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In 2022, we experienced a profound loss in our family with the passing of my brother John. Grief enveloped us, but amidst our sorrow, I noticed my daughter struggling to process his absence. She grappled with the concept that, while he was no longer with us physically, his presence remained in our hearts and memories. It was crucial for me to help her understand that we should honour his memory rather than forget him.

During this difficult time, I found solace in the book “Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe” by Laura Lynne Jackson. Jackson’s insights on how those who have crossed over can communicate with us through signs resonated deeply with me. One day, while explaining this concept to my children, I used rainbows as an example of such signs. To our amazement, as soon as I mentioned rainbows, the biggest and brightest one appeared in the sky. The mix of shock and excitement we felt was overwhelming and comforting.

Inspired by this experience, I wrote “Uncle John’s Rainbow Connection.” The process of creating this book became a therapeutic journey for me and a way to support my daughter and sons through their grief. I wanted to convey to them—and to other young children—that it’s okay to feel sad and to honour their emotions. At the same time, it’s important to celebrate the lives of those we have lost by doing the things they would have loved us to do.

Uncle John’s Rainbow Connection” is more than a story; it’s a tool for healing. Through the book, I hope to offer comfort and understanding to other children who are navigating the painful journey of loss. It serves as a reminder that while the journey of grief isn’t easy, embracing our emotions and cherishing the memories of our loved ones can bring light into the darkest times. By honouring their memories, we keep their spirits alive in our hearts, allowing them to guide us as brightly as that unexpected rainbow did on that unforgettable day.

Uncle John's Rainbow Connection by Anne Clark